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Are you in the Dark when It Comes to Light and Your Health?

Light is an essential nutrient that regulates many bio-logical functions including brain chemistry, circadian rhythms, enhances nutrient absorption and increase general vitality.

It’s amazing to think that modern humans spend two-thirds of our lives living under artificial light without paying attention to the consequences this has for our body and mind. While increased awareness around organic food, supplements, clean air and water is now main stream we may no longer suffer from mal-nutrition, rather mal-illumination.

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What the Experts say about Light

Scientific experts like Dr Fritz Albert-Popp from the International Institute of Bio-physics now state emphatically that ‘the function of our entire Metabolism is dependent on light’.

The visible spectrum of ‘Light’ including the often demonised UV and the unseen Infra Red wavelengths of light have numerous bio-logical effects on our physiology including how the body absorbs and assimilates nutrition which means it is worth considering the type, the timing and amount of light we are getting as part of a balanced health regime and during our day to day lives.

Is Artificial Blue Light at Night effecting how well you sleep?

Light as Nutrition?

Hi! My name is Chris Henderson, I’m a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner who, after suffering the effects of working for years in an office as coach and consultant, now educates on the importance of Light to maintain Optimal Health!

In our modern world ‘Mal-Illumination’ is now as much an epidemic as poor nutrition was a few decades ago. Too much exposure to what I call ‘Fake Junk Light’ from LED screens and lighting in our homes and workplaces can cause a myriad of adverse symptoms including: eye strain, headaches, sleep problems, concentration and behavioural issues, and fatigue, as well as contribute to more serious conditions such as cognitive degeneration and certain types of cancers.

What most of us don’t realise is that our eyes, brain and skin are tuned to receive very subtle energies, frequencies and colour spectrums from sunlight, and these activate very specific chemical and electrical functions in our bodies to maintain optimal health.

With this in mind it is paramount that we get adequate healthy sunshine into our daily activities, but also just as important to bring aspects of this natural spectrum to the indoor environment! This will help facilitate energy and mental alertness and a sense of well-being during the day time; and mitigate and reduce harmful impacts of Blue Light at night to protect important sleep hormone function and ensure optimum repair and recovery.

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